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Waterfowlers face constant challenges that impair the quality, and at times, the
existence of the sport in general.  A strong and unified sportsmen's voice is imperative to counter the obstacles and raise awareness of the benefits of hunting.


Your membership helps ensure Minnesota's future by:

·         Promoting education to guarantee the future of our hunting heritage

·         Investing in Minnesota's wildlife and habitat so our hunting heritage will carry on

·         Voicing your concerns for conservation at the Minnesota State Capitol.  Legislators ask for MWA member's opinions and feedback - we are the primary voice of Minnesota's waterfowlers, but our voice is only as strong as our membership.


Membership with any group consists of two aspects: opportunity to receive and opportunity to contribute.  MWA prides itself in both areas as your membership with us includes:

·         Personalized membership card and "welcome" note from MWA.

·      A state-of-the-art website featuring everything you want to know about waterfowl issues and whats happening where our chapters are

·         The opportunity to be associated with a local MWA chapter

·         A complimentary $2,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy

·         The opportunity to participate in chapter volunteer activities such as annual fundraiser banquets, mentored youth hunts & field days, information booths at local fairs and sport shows, serving as a chapter officer or committee member, along with many more!

·         The opportunity to participate in or help with statewide MWA activities

·         The opportunity to educate yourself & others to become better land stewards, conservationists & outdoors sportspeople

·         Gratification of knowing that your investment helped educate our youth to become better, more responsible stewards of our natural resources

·         The satisfaction in knowing that you gave a little back and helped pass on our hunting heritage

·         The opportunity to let your voice be heard on important legislative issues through our resolution & voting process

·         A tax deduction as allowed by law

Should you have any questions or wish to purchase your membership over the phone please call 952-767-0320.


MWA State Office

Questions or Information

Phone: 952-767-0320